Friday, October 8, 2010

kAK rai!!!,. ;)

actually sy bru prsn post akq 2,. hihihi,. bce jerk trus wat,. sorry lmbt ckit,. ;)

Fill in the blanks, and forward back this msg to me.

5things you like about me:
1. addict brgmbr kowt,. ;p
2. sllu 'tmn' sy,. ;)
3. periang + gile2,. hee~
4. 'role model' sy,.
5. akq bek sngt!!,.

My name in your phone contact list:
>kak raihana hs


Best word to describe me:
>'kaunselor' trbek sy,. ;)


For how long u wanna be my friend:
>hopfuly 4ever,.


My behaviour that u like:
>sllu wat sy HAPPY,. ;)

My behaviour that u dont like:
>ske tulis ayt msej yg sy ssh nk phm,. bce 2/3 kli bru phm,. (dlu2 kowt),. ;)

Be honest taw

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